Via Tre Cancelli Piscina, 171 - Nettuno (RM)

Rail Department

DRIVE LINE SERVICE is ZF Authorized Workshop. We carry out the overhaul of all the assemblies produced by the German company, such as automatic gearboxes, manual and / or servo-assisted mechanical gearboxes, differentials as well as the overhaul of transmissions installed on railway vehicles, inverters, gearboxes and reducers.

For this purpose, we are equipped with testing benches for gearboxes, control units and all ZF automatic and servo-assisted transmissions; the computer systems integrated in such equipment allows the test procedures to be carried out in automatic and guided mode, at the end of which it is possible to print the certificate of the test results.

Additionally, the Department credits portable diagnostic equipment and workstations for the overhauling of ZF assemblies.